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Boys and girls soccer classes Hong Kong
Galaxy Soccer Hong Kong


More than just football for kids!

Welcome to Galaxy Soccer, Hong Kong's fastest growing football program for kids! We provide a multi-developmental, Soccer specific play program for toddlers up to 5 years old and a Soccer training program for kids 5 to 12 years old.

Developed with passion and experience by professional coaches along with early years educators. We are dedicated to delivering fun, challenging & diverse sessions to boys and girls every day of the week across Hong Kong!

We strive to develop children with a joyful approach to football. Sessions are delivered to let each individual player shine regardless of their level!


As the kids progress we encourage independent players who are creative, value learning and enjoy playing football as part of a team.

Elite Training

Soccer School

Mini - Kickers

Player Progression

Qualified soccer coaches Hong Kong

Our Coaches

Galaxy Soccer currently has full & part-time coaches with vast experience at all levels of football.

All our coaches are First Aid & CPR Qualified and all hold a minimum coaching license of FA Level 2 or equivalent. 

What sets us apart from other coaching companies is our coaches extensive knowledge and experience to develop classes for early years children. This attribute with our professional coaching qualifications means we can deliver a whole football program from tots to teens.

We hold regular staff training sessions where our coaches are trained to deliver appropriate, planned, professional sessions from our curriculum. 

All our staff members have passed the HK police sexual conviction record check & hold a certificate in safeguarding & child protection issued by the NSPCC United Kingdom.


Our professional and enthusiastic coaches build the foundations of our success and we encourage and support them in continuing their coaching pathway.

First Aid & CPR Qualified

Accredited Coaching Qualifications

The Football Association

Sexual Conviction Record Check

NSPCC Safeguarding & Child Protection

Football Association Wales

Completed Galaxy Soccer Training 

Child protection certified

Certification governing bodies.

Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. The coach will be responsible for the positive promotion of the program.

  2. Will set an example in personal conduct at all times and be a good role model. 

  3. Treat each player, coach, parent with respect and dignity.

  4. The coach will be responsible for building the confidence of the participants and teach the fundamentals of the sport they are coaching.

  5. Will strive to make every program activity serve as a training ground for life, and as a basis for good mental and physical health.

  6. The coach will protect the health and safety of his/her participants by insisting that all of the activities under his/her control be conducted for their psychological and physiological welfare, rather than interests of adults.

  7. Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the players.

  8. Make a personal commitment to keep informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.

  9. Remember that children participate for fun and enjoyment, emphasize that winning a game or competition is the result of teamwork. Never ridicule or shout at children for making mistakes or losing a game.

  10. The coach will fairly evaluate and play all the participants through the course of a practice or game, never over-playing more talented players.

  11. Teach players that rules of the sport and respect for the ability of the opponents as well as for the judgement of officials and opposing coaches.

  12. The coach will not criticize the officials, the opposing team, the coaches, fans or parents, through language or gesture.

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